Re: New to gtk+ wrote:
> After installing my mandrake 7.02, i try some gtk programs under
> gtk+-1.2.6.
> But I've got the following error : my compiler looking for
> <glibconfigh> and this file isn't in /usr/include. Shame on me,
> because even in the 1.2.8 version, i didn't find this file.

You need to use the gtk-config script to get the build environment.

To compile use:

  gcc -c test.c `gtk-config --cflags`

and to link use:

  gcc -o test test.o `gtk-config --libs`

I would recommend reading the FAQ at

Cheers, Matt.

Matt Goodall, Software Engineer  |  Isotek Electronics Ltd          |  Claro House, Servia Road          |  Leeds, LS7 1NL
Tel: +44 113 234320              |  England

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