Re: System Command widget.

Rick Niles <> writes:
> I've created a little dialog box widget for running system commands.
> It's the GTK+ equivalent of the C system() function.  I noticed that
> X-CD-Roast also has one of these.  Why isn't there a standard GTK+ or
> Gnome one?  Even M$ Windows has a "Run..." dialog box.  Perhaps
> running text commands from a GUI offends someones sense of a good user
> interface design?
> Please check it out at:
> I would be happy to donate it to either project.  Changes are welcome.

The GNOME panel has such a dialog, choose Run... from the foot menu.

I don't think it's right for GTK+ or gnome-libs, since it isn't
something most applications will use. Typically 80% or so of
applications should potentially have a use for widgets in the core


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