Install GTK+ on a device

I am trying to install GTK+ 1.2.8 onto a device. But I believe something is missing.
The device runs a simplied Linux (2.2.14) kernel. As it has limited memory with only the OS and some basic library, like X, installed. I decided to install all my extended libraries and applications on a compact flash memory. It can be mounted to /root as a new directory (such as /xxx).
The device has no compiler, so I have to
(1) compile all the source code (both library and applications) on a desktop PC running Linux 2.2.14, 
(2) install everything into /xxx (in the PC),
(3) copy the content in /xxx to the compact flash memory,
(4) mount the compact flash memory as /xxx to the device's /root,
(5) run ldconfig (/etc/ modified)
(6) start my application and hope it can work!
This the basic idea. I believe it is right. Because so far all my applications requiring X library work. But Something wrong with my first application requiring GTK+, "gedit". It seems something is missing. I don't know much about gtk+, I just followed the instruction to install.
I compiled glib 1.2.8 and gtk+ 1.2.8 on a desktop running Linux 2.2.14, and installed all of them into /xxx. I believe I did it right. I changed "DESTDIR =" in all "" into "DESTDIR = /xxx". The old glib and gtk were deleted before that. Then I compiled gedit 0.5.4 after I created some links in /usr/... to the gtk+/glib header files in /xxx. Install gedit into /xxx by modifying all "DESTDIR". Finally, gedit can run on the PC with a warning.
After I copied the content of /xxx into the compact flash memory, mounted to the device, run ldconfig, and run gedit. It gave me a lot of warning and errors listed below. I guess I need to install some additional files. But I could not find in,
1. Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library
1. Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkbox.c: line 332 (gtk_box_pack_start): assertion 'child->parent == NULL'  failed.
2. Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gdkfont.c: line 248 (gdk_font_id): assertion 'font != NULL'  failed.
3. ... tens of assertion 'font != NULL' failed, all in gdkfont.c, before the application finally aborted.
Please tell me where I can find infomation about those missing fonts, how to install, and anything else I will miss if I install in such a way.
Best Regards,

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