Re: Concerning GTKtree and GTKtext

Caleb Land <> writes:

> Hello,
> 	I have been told that both GTKtree and GTKtext widgets are
> deprecated.  I am maintaining a program which uses both widgets and was
> wondering if they are deprecated in the stable release or are soon to be
> deprecated in the 2.0 release. 

GtkTree is essentially deprecated now. If what you want can be
done with GtkCTree, you should use GtkCTree instead. (The one
obvious limitation of GtkCTree compared to GtkTree is that it
cannot contain arbitrary widgets. GtkCTree is _also_ scheduled
to be replaced, but is in somewhat better repair than GtkTree.
GtkTree may be dropped from GTK+-2.0 entirely, while GtkCTree
will be there, even if we are recommending something else
as a replacement.

GtkText is not currently deprecated, but will be once we release 2.0.
(There is no current replacement distributed with GTK+)
Though you should be warned that it not a particularly stable widget,
and trying to use it in a complex fashion may cause problems.


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