Re: gdk_pointer_grab bug?

Jeff Gunter <> writes:
> Hi all,
> System miscellany: GNU/Linux, XFree86, gtk+-1.2.8 (and
> earlier, spot check finds it as far back as 1.2.1)
> I think there is a bug in gdk_pointer_grab(): 
>   If the window argument is NULL then it returns 0;

Yes but only after spewing a warning, which means your program is
broken; you can't pass NULL for the window. g_return_if_fail() returns
do not produce defined behavior, they mean you should fix your

In general GTK does not provide runtime recovery from programming
errors; this is different from e.g. Motif, I think. If your program is
broken then all behavior becomes undefined.
>   If the window argument is !NULL and if the grab is
> successful it returns Success which is inherited from
> X.h where it is also defined as 0;
> So, checking for the return value is tricky. (The
> workaround is to make absolutely sure that you pass a
> non-NULL window, then treat a 0 return value as
> success.) 

It's not a workaround, just the right thing to do to begin with ;-)
> P.S. If there is a more appropriate place to report
> Gtk/Gdk bugs could someone point me in that general
> direction?
> is the bug tracker.


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