Re: [gtk-list] Perl/Gtk CVS 19990922

On Sat, Sep 25, 1999 at 03:56:12AM +0000, Dermot Musgrove wrote:
> * Gnome::IconList->new(_flags) don't allow 'undef' for the adjustment.


> * Gnome::Stock->pixmap_widget() not bound (but pixmap_widget_at_size() _is_)

Oops, this is done now.

> * Gnome::Druid* - these would be nice.

Will be done when I upgrade my home pc to the latest gnome-libs.

> * Gnome::App helper methods like fill_menu, fill_toolbar, create_menus
>   and create_toolbar. I realise that these depend on GOMEUIINFO structs
>   which might be difficult to implement. 
>   Am I right that I can convert the GNOMEUIINFO values into 
>   GNOME_STOCK_MENU_* stock_icons and then create the menus with
>   GtkPixmapMenuItem->new the hard way?

Or use something like the GtkItemFactory code.
I'll try to implement at least partially GNOMEUIINFO for the next


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