ANNOUNCE: Glade-Perl 0.3.12

Hi all,

I have uploaded perl module Glade-Perl-0.3.12.tar.gz to my websites.

Glade-Perl generates perl source code from a Glade file - Glade is Damon
Chaplin's beautiful UI builder. It can display the UI as it is built or
simply generate source code and it can be called directly from Glade's
'Build' button.

With the notable exception of Robert Schwebel, I have not had much feedback
from anyone using the previous versions. I would really value the views of
anyone who uses the module - especially if they are critical. Is there any
extra documentation that people feel would be necessary?

It would be good to hear of any apps that people have developed. It is very
hard to predict exactly what people want/need from such a module.

Regards, Dermot

snipped from the Changelog:
Fri Sep 25 23:52:00 BST 1999 - Dermot Musgrove <>
    - Version 0.3.12
    - PerlUI->internal_pack_widget() and ->set_child_packing() fixed to cope 
      with Gtk::Packer and its children properly
    - Version dependency checking added for Perl/Gtk and gnome-libs
    - Documentation/NEWS split off from README
    - Gnome::App            implemented 
      Perl/Gtk is still missing the GNOMEUIINFO bindings so Gnome::App menus
      and toolbar icons are as incompletely constructed as normal ones ie.
      accelerators and underlines are not handled properly <sigh>
    - Gnome::AppBar         implemented
    - Gnome::Dock           implemented
    - Gnome::DockItem       implemented
    - Gnome::IconList       implemented
    - Gnome::IconSelection  implemented
    - Gnome::PropertyBox    implemented
    - Gnome::Spell          implemented
    - Gtk::Calendar         implemented in PerlUI (rather than PerlUIExtra)
    - PerlXML->QuoteXMLChars() is improved and the missing &XmlUtf8Encode() 
    - Some tidying of modules' BEGIN blocks
    - Gtk::Notebook now initialises the notebook page list on creation. 
      This allows for more than one notebook per project.
    - PerlUI->new_from_child_name() new sub to get a ref to existing widgets
      of composite widgets (for instance vbox or ok_button or action_area)
      and this functionality removed from elsewhere - too many places :-)
    - Changes to cater for Glade 0.5.3


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