I am working on a program which has to control an extern 
synthesizer via the midi-protocol. I already made such a program 
with GUI under the XForms Toolbox, which is working fine. Lately 
I rewrote the program under the GTK+-1.2.2 Toolbox (Slackware 
4.0; Linux 2.2.6).

In my program I use a foreground (parent) process as the 
GUI-input and in the background runs a second process generated 
with fork().

Overmore parent and child share memory (according to W.R.Stevens
(Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment p.463).

This construction is working without problems under the XForms 

In the GTK-version of this program I get an errorstatement

"Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0x623)!"

On closing the GTK-GUI I get the errorstatement:

"Gdk-ERROR **. Bad GC (invalid GC parameter) serial 3181 
error_code 13

request_code 60 minor_code 0


IOT trap/Abort"

I find no explanation in the docs. Someone understands what is 

Dick Kampman

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