Re: [gtk-list] Problems blocking a signal in GtkAda 1.2.3

On Tue, 5 Oct 1999, Alexander, Jed wrote:

> I am currently using GtkAda 1.2.3 with Gtk version 1.2.3 and was trying to
> block the "select_row" signal from being emitted from the file_sel list in
> the File Selection dialog.  I saw that the signal was connected in
> "gtkfilesel.c".  I tried doing a emit_stop_by_name on "select_row" but when
> I try to run it, I get:
> Gtk-WARNING **: gtk_signal_emit_stop(): no current emission (104) for object
> 'GtkCList'
> Any suggestions? I currently do a handlers_destroy on the file_sel list, but
> that seems like a bit overkill.

::select_row  can not be blocked, it is a RUN_FIRST signal.
but you should *never* call gtk_signal_handlers_destroy(),
unless you intend to mess up gtk's state.
it's an internal function of gtk, and if ada actually exports this function,
it is *extremely* wrong in doing so.

> Thanks,
> Jed Alexander


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