setting position at startup


I try to save the position of my window when the app is closed and to
reset it when the app is restarted.

when i exit i do

gdk_window_get_root_origin( GTK_WIDGET( data->window)->window,
		                     &WindowY );
and save it somewhere

On startup i do
	gtk_widget_set_uposition( app, WindowX, WindowY ); 

(a printf shows that the corrct values are used)

And on my Sun SparcStaion that works fine, but under Xfree on linux the
position is more or less random.

Or is the problme the windowmanager? But that is the same on both machines
(afterstep 1.6.10)

On a side note: Is there a standard way to use the xlib arguments
(-geometry and such) ?

Greetings Michael

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