Re: [gtk-list] setting position at startup

Michael Baumer wrote:
> Hi
> I try to save the position of my window when the app is closed and to
> reset it when the app is restarted.
> when i exit i do
> gdk_window_get_root_origin( GTK_WIDGET( data->window)->window,
>                                      &WindowX,
>                                      &WindowY );
> and save it somewhere
> On startup i do
>         gtk_widget_set_uposition( app, WindowX, WindowY );
> (a printf shows that the corrct values are used)
> And on my Sun SparcStaion that works fine, but under Xfree on linux the
> position is more or less random.
> Or is the problme the windowmanager? But that is the same on both machines
> (afterstep 1.6.10)
> On a side note: Is there a standard way to use the xlib arguments
> (-geometry and such) ?
> Greetings Michael
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I don't know how AfterStep works, but other WMs allow to specify how to place
new windows (random, centered on screen, not-overlapping, user-defined, etc...);
perhaps you have different configuration for AfterStep in Solaris and Linux.

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