Re: Shaped Pixmaps

>      I have a GtkPixmap (derived from GtkMisc, it isn't?) and I want to Shape it,
>  but it hasn't a GdkWindow.
>       It is possible to apply the Shape (gtk_widget_shape_combine_mask()) to the
>  GtkMisc's GdkWindow ?

GtkPixmap does not have its own GdkWindow, so you cannot use a shaped
window with it.  However, it does have shape information in the
GtkPixmap->mask.  You don't need to do anything special for the pixmap
to have a shape.

>      The idea is to put a lot of shaped pixmaps in a GtkFixed but without  a
>  GtkFixed (or GtkEvent... or similar) for each pixmap.

This sounds like a very bad hack.  You may be better served by the
GnomeCanvas widget.


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