Re: [gtk-list] Re: Unidentified subject!

On Fri, 07 May 1999 13:08:10 +0100, (Rui Simões) wrote:
> english is not my first language, and thats probably why you are not
> understanding me.

And the other way around ;-)

> the thing is:
>      when i run the command "tar xvf glib-1.2.2.tar", it creats
> subsequent dirs under the place where    i am, so if i am in /usr it
> creats the /usr/glib-1.2.2 and so on.
> is this the correct thing?

Yes, that is normal behaviour for tar.

> can i untar them any where and them make the
> link to my libs?

That's what I said earlier, and a logical place to untar them is in
/usr/local/src . Note: you don't have to keep the source on your disk in
order to use the libraries! Once you compiled glib and gtk (and verified
that they work correct), remove the sources.

> i'll describe now what i'he done so far:
>      mkdir /usr/gtk+
>      mkdir /usr/glib
>      cp glib-1.2.2.tar /usr/glib
>      cp gtk+-1.2.2.tar /usr/gtk+
>      cd /usr/glib
>           configure
>           make
>      make install
>      cd /usr/gtk+
>           configure
>           make
>      make install

This is the correct way to compile it, but next time you compile
third-party software, *please* do it /usr/local/src, so you won't mess up
your RedHat configuration.

> then i change to a dir with same sources and 
>      ggc code.c -o code 'gtk-config --glibs --cflags'
> and it devolded many "parsing errors".
> then i joined the mailing list
> so i tryed adding "/usr/gtk" + "/usr/glib" to /etc/ file and
> then run ldconfig
> and once again did
>      ggc code.c -o code 'gtk-config --glibs --cflags'
> still it devolded many "parsing errors", and warnings
> is there a way to fix it with out having to compile things again???

1. Restore the system to its initial state by removing /usr/gtk and
   /usr/glib from /etc/ and run ldconfig.
2. Test if Gtk works. Go to /usr/gtk+/gtk and run ./testgtk . If that
   works, you can safely assume that the Gtk is compiled correctly.
3. Instead of using normal quotes ('), use _back_ quotes (`):
         gcc -o code code.c `gtk-config --cflags --libs`
                            ^                          ^
                            |                          |
   These are backquotes! ---+--------------------------+


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