Re: [gtk-list] Re: Why not usenet?

> Speaking as someone with diskquotas on a multiuser system I
> can see where having a new server connection would be beter
> considering the volume of mail on this list.  Is it 
> possible to have everything from the list posted to a
> news group and responses posted directly to the news to
> be echoed back to the maillist?  I would actually get
> more things read if I didn't constantly have to through
> piles of mail away to make room for more piles of mail from
> this group.  ;-)

	This is fine except that all the spam that gets posted to the
newsgroup would be then gatewayed to the mailing list, which would really
suck.  Spam control is one of the very nice features of these mailing
lists since you need to be subscribed in order to send messages.

	BTW, I don't think incoming e-mail is counted in your disk
quota on many systems (?).  It's only an issue if you save those
messages to files in your home directory.  (Someone can privately
correct me if I'm wrong).


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