Re: [gtk-list] Re: how can I trust glib when it has so manymemleaks?

At 11:40 PM 18/03/1999 +0900, you wrote:
>Sebastian Wilhelmi wrote:
>Yes, it looks like this is what I was looking after. Now the
>g_mem_profile reports this:
>GLib-INFO: 2 allocations of 3 bytes
>GLib-INFO: 24 allocations of 4 bytes
>GLib-INFO: 5 allocations of 8 bytes
>GLib-INFO: 1 allocations of 9 bytes
>GLib-INFO: 4 allocations of 16 bytes
>GLib-INFO: 1 allocations of 32 bytes
>GLib-INFO: 3 allocations of 33 bytes
>GLib-INFO: 1 allocations of 39 bytes
>GLib-INFO: 385 bytes allocated
>GLib-INFO: 385 bytes freed
>GLib-INFO: 0 bytes in use
>But from what you say I have to understand that there is no perffect
>solution, as this can still hide some memory leaks. Right ? 

What if there were GLib-INFO reports of memory de-allocations? A memory
leak might then show up as (for example) 3 allocations of 33 bytes but only
2 deallocations of 33 bytes.
That might also help to figure out where the problem was in your code if
you knew the size of the memory allocation that wasn't being freed.


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