Re: [gtk-list] Re: how can I trust glib when it has so manymemleaks?

"David C. Hoos, Sr." wrote:
> In addition, the technique of allocating a chunk of memory to be reused by an
> allocator/deallocator within a library is quite common, inasmuch as while
> malloc() and free() must be general-purpose, the special-purpose
> allocator/deallocator of a library has specialized knowledge about the needs
> of the library, and hence, can do a better job at less cost (both time and
> space).

> Furthermore, even if a program using malloc()/free() does the right thing,
> memory can become fragmented -- i.e., there can be plenty of free space, but
> in chunks too small to satisfy a particular request.  Memory pools used by a
> library can guarantee no fragmentation with appropriate
> allocation/deallocation schemes, precisely because the special-purpose library
> designer knows what the maximum allocation request size can be, and the
> designer of a malloc()/free() in a general-purpose library cannot.

I undertand this. I do not understand how this memory is recycled after
program dies.
I still don't understand how to look for real leaks.


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