Re: [gtk-list] Aligning widgets?

Curtiss Howard wrote:
> In an app I'm using multiple GtkEntry widgets to collect information.
> To the left of these, I have labels describing the entry, as such:
> XXXX [entry]
> YYYY  [entry]
> ZZZZZZZZ [entry]
> Due to the fact that the default font is not fixed length, the entry
> boxes aren't aligning.  How would I go about aligning the entry boxes
> relative to the longest label?  This is what I'm looking to accomplish:
> XXXX     [entry]
> YYYY     [entry]
> ZZZZZZZZ [entry]
> It might be something really obvious, but I don't know.  If someone can
> help me out, please do :).

The magic answer is "use a table" :-)
Look in the tutorial for how to do this.


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