Re: [gtk-list] Problem compiling with multiple files?

It's hard to diagnose the problem without more specifics.  You might
post the exact error as well as the command line you're typing to
compile the program. 


---Jeremy Ford <> wrote:
> I'm reletively new to Gtk and I'm writing an app in which I want to
> split up different functions into seperate files. However, whenever I
> move a function out of the main file where int main(int argc, char
> *argv[]) is defined I get a ld.exe error? I guess the linker is
> complaining about not being able to find these functions?
> For example I have a function that puts a couple buttons in a box
> (GtkWidget *Draw_Menu(void)) and returns the box to be displayed in
> main window.  However, whenever I move this function to its own files
> (menu.c) I get errors. I put the function prototypes in a header and
> included it in the main program so I don't see why the compiler
> complains?  When I take all the gtk stuff out it works fine with no
> errors?
> Thanks
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