Re: CList & Style file question / Style function suggestion

 || On 12 Mar 1999 11:52:25 +0100
 || (Damon Chaplin) wrote: 

 dc> Are you using the base and text colours of the style for the background
 dc> and foreground respectively?

I am using the default colors for normal text ( just giving
gtk_text_insert NULL / NULL for colors ). The others are done by
picking out the fg & bg of GTK_STATE_PRELIGHT and fg & bg of
GTK_STATE_INSENSITIVE (I needed some way to specify three different
text colors in a GTK style file).

This worked fine until I upgraded to GTK+ 1.2.0 - now it appears that
the GtkText doesn't use the proper style.

What I would *really* need is a function that lets me browse for a
certain style by it's name like 

  GtkStyle* gtk_style_parse_for_name( gchar* name );

or such. I know it might exist somewhere - if it does it has been
hidden well enough... .-)
 >> My second questions concerns the GtkCList. I attach data to certain
 >> rows of my GtkCList and I would like a routine to be called upon
 >> destruction of a row so I can safely free the memory used by the data
 >> again. Any "standard" / "clean" way of doing this ?
 dc> gtk_clist_set_row_data_full()

As usual I found that routine about 5 minutes after sending out my
mail... *sigh* Thanks anyway.


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