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Mahesh Padmanabhan wrote:
> Hi,
> Please post any replies to my email address too.
> I downloaded GLIB 1.2.0 and GTK 1.2.0. After compiling and installing
> GLIB I came across a weird problem. GLIB had made a library called
> While GTK was linking it wanted and aborted
> with the error that it could not be found. I changed the name
> to in the GTK configure script and everything compiled and
> installed fine. Isn't this a bug ? If it is, where can I send a bug
> report ?
> On a related note, if  I  run any gtk applications with menus on them, I
> am able to change
> accelerators on the fly for the menu. For example, Alt-F causes the
> "File" menu to pop up. Now if I use the arrow key to go to the "Open"
> sub-menu, the accelerator is Control-O. If I type Control-X the
> accelerator changes to "Crtl-X" !! Is that a bug or a feature ? If it is
> a feature, why should it be ?

This is a feature because it lets you change your hot keys on the fly.  It's
quite handy.

They only change if you already have the menu opened with the mouse.  So, if you
open the menu with the mouse, then select the menu item with the mouse.  If you
don't have the menu open, then just use the hot key.

> I am using GTK/GLIB 1.2.0 on a Debian 2.0 system.
> Thanks in advance.
> Mahesh
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