Re: [gtk-list] wheel support, was: Re: Plans for 1.3/1.4

Nils Philippsen wrote:

> Hi, there,
> While we're at it, some kind of improve wheel support would be nice (maybe not
> important, but nice). E.g. now I only can use the wheel if the mouse is
> directly over the scrollbar (rather suboptimal), in my eyes this should be
> improved (at least in 1.3/1.4), i even can think of a solution which shouldn't
> break binary compatibility for 1.2, but would be kind of a real sick hack. Ask
> me if you dare :-)
> I will try to do it, but I would like to have some comments first.

I would also like to request support for scrolling with the Logitech Trackman
Marble FX.  For those of you that don't know, it's a 4-button trackball.  With
the Windows drivers, the fourth button is by default used for scrolling in one of
two ways:
1) Click button 4 once, and the cursor changes to a 2- or 4-way arrow (it detects
which directions scrolling is possible in).  Roll the ball to scroll the window
under the cursor in that direction.  Click any button to return to normal
2) Roll the ball while holding button 4 and the window under the cursor will
scroll in that direction

In both cases, when the ball is used for scrolling, the cursor does not move.
This particular bit may be difficult to do in X; I don't know enough of how it
handles the cursor to be sure.  Anyway, this is one of the main features of
Windows that I miss; i would greatly appreciate if it was added to GTK.  I'm
willing to help with this, but I'm not sure how useful I can be, since I don't
know much about X programming.

Ben Darnell

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