RE: [gtk-list] RE: re: Errors in GTK Tutorial?

On 27-Jun-99 Peter Wilson wrote:
> Thanks for explaining that Tim, and confirming that the tutorial
> does
> contain
> many bugs due to this (as an example the delete_event handler in
> the
> improved
> Hello World source incorrectly returns void rather than gboolean).

Tim didn't confirm that the Tutorial contains bugs. You are lacking
an understanding of how C handles function parameters if you think
that having a mismatch causes stack corruption.

> I see on that there is a more recent version of the
> tutorial,
> which
> still contains these bugs but which is only available as HTML
> rather than
> the
> complete package - does anyone know where the package for that
> version (10th
> April)
> might be found so that corrections could be sent to the authors?

I didn't create a package for it as it only contains grammatical


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