RE: [gtk-list] re: Errors in GTK Tutorial?

> Whenever you want to handle a particular type of event
> ("clicked", "destroy-event", etc.) you have to look-up the prototype for
> that event (as you point out, there are many different ones),
> implement your
> callbacks using that prototype, and call gtk_signal_connect with the
> function address.  Even though you cast your function prototype using the
> GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC() macro, GTK "knows" which callback prototype goes with
> which event, so your callbacks will always be called with the
> correct set of
> parameters, stack cleanup, and-so-on.

Thanks for explaining that Tim, and confirming that the tutorial does
many bugs due to this (as an example the delete_event handler in the
Hello World source incorrectly returns void rather than gboolean).

I see on that there is a more recent version of the tutorial,
still contains these bugs but which is only available as HTML rather than
complete package - does anyone know where the package for that version (10th
might be found so that corrections could be sent to the authors?


Chris Wilson

Thanks also to Havoc Pennington, I've not yet read your sample chapters but
they look
like they should answer my every question! ;)

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