gtk-text(activate) only 1 enter key!!!

Hey folks,

I've connected a vscale to a text box to get a nice little widget set
which acts like a spin button with a slider.  But here's the thing, I
can only connect signals:


to the text area.  The former only comes into play when I hit the ENTER
key, not the ENTER key on my keypad.  The latter is a problem because I
do some significant digit calculation, which gets triggered with every #
I hit (makes for paranoid numeric entry).

Can this be changed?  The whole purpose here is to rapidly enter
numbers, that little 2nd enter key is nice, eh?

Thanks all,

Dave Topper
Technical Director, Virginia Center for Computer Music
Programmer / Analyst, Dean's Office (School of A&S)
(804) 924-6887

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