Re: [gtk-list] 2 Simple questions:

>Hello gtk'ers
>1: Is there a simple way to check if a specific key (shift) is pressed
>    when I receive a mouse release event?
>    I have looked a lot of places for this, so I hope it's not in the
>2: Is anyone writing a widget like the one found in many popular 3d
>    modeling packages it's the "the xy, zy, xz, other
>    that I'm looking for.

    I think there are several modeling packages on the GTK+ marketplace.
    You should have a look to some of them (have a look to the
    gtk soft map for further informations).

    You should consider using the GtkGlArea widget for the rendering
    of each view (I done an OpenGL modeler for Windows some years ago,
    it's pretty simple to use).


>    I am currently using 3 panes - which is neither very pretty or very
>    convenient. (And no I cannot just use a HBox and 2 VBoxes :) since I
>need the
>    container to be able to resize the children, both by grabbing the
>center or
>    either of the pseudo-panes).
>Thanks for your time.

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