Re: [gtk-list] Re: Mouse wheel support for gtk+

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Grant Likely wrote:

> I tried out the patch, and it works well.  However, using the
> wheel to scroll down will scroll past the end of the page by
> about page_size.  When scrolling up, there are no problems.
> >From my quick parse of the gtk_adjustment source I think that
> there may be a bug in the way that gtkscrolledwindow is setting
> either the upper or lower value in the gtk_adjustment, it's just
> been hidden up to now.  Hope this helps.  If I knew more about
> the workings of the scrolled windows, I'd supply a patch, but
> I'm still learning.

this is not a bug in the scrolled window code (and if it would,
it would reside in gtkviewport.c), it just happens
that the biggest reasonable value for scroll_adjustment->value
is (scroll_adjustment->upper - scroll_adjustment->page_size).

BTW, please don't send your mails fully embedded in an attchment,
     i'm quite tempted to just skip such messages.

> Cheers,
> G.


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