Re: [gtk-list] Re: Mouse wheel support for gtk+

Tim Janik wrote:
> On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Grant Likely wrote:
> > I tried out the patch, and it works well.  However, using the
> > wheel to scroll down will scroll past the end of the page by
> > about page_size.  When scrolling up, there are no problems.
> >
> > >From my quick parse of the gtk_adjustment source I think that
> > there may be a bug in the way that gtkscrolledwindow is setting
> > either the upper or lower value in the gtk_adjustment, it's just
> > been hidden up to now.  Hope this helps.  If I knew more about
> > the workings of the scrolled windows, I'd supply a patch, but
> > I'm still learning.
> >
> this is not a bug in the scrolled window code (and if it would,
> it would reside in gtkviewport.c), it just happens
> that the biggest reasonable value for scroll_adjustment->value
> is (scroll_adjustment->upper - scroll_adjustment->page_size).
So does this need to be changed to prevent scrolling past the end
of the page?  Or does the viewport need to be smarter about
when it gets to the end of the page?

> BTW, please don't send your mails fully embedded in an attchment,
>      i'm quite tempted to just skip such messages.

Sorry, I was using Balsa as my mail client.  Hopefully netscape will
handle my mail better.

> ---
> ciaoTJ


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