Re: [gtk-list] Re: GTK++ proposal

> >>>>> "B" == Bill Huey <> writes:
> B> The flakiness of a compiler technology isn't really a good reason
> B> to discount an *entire* design methodology.
> C++ isn't a design methodology.  It's a language.  And compiler
> flakiness is a very good reason to discount a language.

Well, Kaffe is extremely flaky JIT, but I don't discount Java as
bad language. Wait, I reread what you meant and I kind of agree
and I believe ADA could be add as another example, but modern C++
compilers are pretty well written overall.

I still wouldn't use templates though.

> OO is a design methodology, and Gtk+ is OO.

Does it have a view inheritence ? I didn't see this in the dev docs.
This is critical for a reasons.

One of ths things that is really cool about OO languages is that
you could define a class TextView that also inherits a Drag & Drop
method from a DND interface.

You could inherit the DND interface for all view object like
a JPG, TIFF image view or a Unicode base text view. This is a really
powerful language construction.

I don't see how a very powerful functionality like interface
inheritence can be done in C.

> B> My feeling is that if you're going to design GUI kit then you
> B> should steal from the very best such as Apple's QuickDraw GX or
> B> Display Postscript for various kinds of high quality document
> B> handling and color management.
> Good idea, and afaik there's a Gtk+ DPS widget (using GS's DPS) being
> worked on.  Color management is still a problem, since most of the
> schemes are fairly proprietary, as I understand it.  But Gtk+ should
> definitely have all of the power in any other toolkit... patches are
> accepted.  8^)

Yeah, finally got the acknowledgement that I wanted about one issues at
least, but I still haven't gotten the idea that folks understand why
something like polymorphism and inheritence is very important for
building certain kinds of classes.

There is still not mention of folks having strong experience with 
Java or OpenStep. There are a lot of cool things in those kit and
I wish that folks would steal from it.

Also BeOS like event thread handling per window is pretty amazing.

This stuff is really important.

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