Re: GTK++ proposal

>>>>> "B" == Bill Huey <> writes:

B> The flakiness of a compiler technology isn't really a good reason
B> to discount an *entire* design methodology.

C++ isn't a design methodology.  It's a language.  And compiler
flakiness is a very good reason to discount a language.

OO is a design methodology, and Gtk+ is OO.

B> My feeling is that if you're going to design GUI kit then you
B> should steal from the very best such as Apple's QuickDraw GX or
B> Display Postscript for various kinds of high quality document
B> handling and color management.

Good idea, and afaik there's a Gtk+ DPS widget (using GS's DPS) being
worked on.  Color management is still a problem, since most of the
schemes are fairly proprietary, as I understand it.  But Gtk+ should
definitely have all of the power in any other toolkit... patches are
accepted.  8^)

Alan Shutko <> - By consent of the corrupted
Whoever would lie usefully should lie seldom.

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