Question about GtkTree


	Another newbie question. I am trying to run a callback if someone
double clicks an item in a GtkTree. My original declaration for the
callback was:
void selectionChangedInTree(GtkWidget *theTree, gpointer object);
	I changed this to
void selectionChangedInTree(GtkWidget *theTree, GdkEvent *event, 
				gpointer object);
	and tried to look at the <event> to figure out whether the selection
was a single click or a double click. I was using the following code to
connect the signal:
  gtk_signal_connect(GTK_OBJECT(aTree), "selection_changed",
		     (gpointer) this);
	This approach did not work, so I started looking at the different
events I could use. I looked into the "button_press_event", but did not
get very far with that. 

	Any help/sample code would be greatly appreciated ...


Achint Sandhu
Nortel Networks

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