Re: Installing FractalExplorer - Problems & Solutions

Jeff Garzik <> writes:

> hmmm.  Even if a broken libc5 is being used, Gtk+ should account for it
> and work around the brokenness.

GTK+ will work fine on (non-broken) libc5 systems. If it
doesn't find libintl.h it should disable NLS support.
(This was broken before 1.1.13, but should work now)
> If nothing else, build with "--with-included-gettext" to ignore the
> system's gettext implementation.

GTK+ disables --with-included-gettext, because that doesn't
make sense for a library. For programs that flag means
"build my own copy of libintl.a and link with it statically".

If you want NLS support on a system without native gettext(),
you'll need to install gettext-10.35 from


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