Re: [gtk-list] Re: things about a canvas

Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> >  1. a method to connect one widget to another.
> >
> >  Image I have three widgets: a box a line and a box. When I move a box,
> >  the line will stay connected to that box (the x and y positions relative
> >  to the box may change). When I move the line, it should still stay
> >  connected to the boxes, but the boxes may not move. (Get the picture?).
> >  Widgets should behave a special way, according to the widget they are
> >  connected to.
> This is easy enough to do with the canvas.  In fact the DIA program
> already has code to do this, using its own canvas (DIA is also on cvs,
> and it is really cool).

I have seen DIA.It's very nice, but I don't like the connection points
on objects, I'll try GnomeCanvas ('cause you say so :-)

> >  2. a function that can transfer GnomeCanvasses to a printable format:
> >  PostScript or LaTeX.
> Printing support for the canvas is not finished yet.  The canvas will
> be using Raph Levien's super cool gnome-print code to do this.
>   Federico


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