Re: [gtk-list] things about a canvas

>  1. a method to connect one widget to another.
>  Image I have three widgets: a box a line and a box. When I move a box,
>  the line will stay connected to that box (the x and y positions relative
>  to the box may change). When I move the line, it should still stay
>  connected to the boxes, but the boxes may not move. (Get the picture?).
>  Widgets should behave a special way, according to the widget they are
>  connected to.

This is easy enough to do with the canvas.  In fact the DIA program
already has code to do this, using its own canvas (DIA is also on cvs,
and it is really cool).

>  2. a function that can transfer GnomeCanvasses to a printable format:
>  PostScript or LaTeX.

Printing support for the canvas is not finished yet.  The canvas will
be using Raph Levien's super cool gnome-print code to do this.


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