ANNOUNCE: gFTP 1.0 is out

   I am pleased to announce the release of gFTP 1.0. You can download it off
my website at


* Distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License Agreement
* Written in C and uses GTK+ 1.1.x+ for the GUI
* Multithreaded to allow for simultaneous downloads
* File transfer queues to allow for downloading multiple files
* Extensive connection manager that allows having different categories, each 
  containing multiple sites to help manage ftp site lists
* Supports resuming interrupted file transfers
* Supports caching of remote directory listings
* Drag-N-Drop support
* Supports connecting to a FTP server via command line parameters
  You can now type: gftp user:pass@ftp-site:port/directory. You don't have
  to specify all of the options, like user:pass, port and directory.
* Supports associating icons with particular file extensions in the
* Sorting capabilities in the file listboxes
* Eliminates buffer overruns from malicious ftp sites

Changes from 0.21 to 1.0

* Drag-N-Drop support added
* Added caching of remote directory listings. The cache will automatically
  be cleared when gFTP exits.
* You can now tell gFTP to only transfer one file at a time. When one
  transfer finishes the next one starts. You can still have multiple
  transfers going at the same time
* Added ability to view files. Also, when you double click on a file in the
  listboxes it will view that file. If you double click a directory, it will
  still change to it.
* Added Open URL menu item under the Remote menu
* Several connection manager enhancements
* Several bug fixes and code improvements
* Added a few more default sites to the config file

Brian Masney <>

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