Re: [gtk-list] Re: gtk_item_factory and C++

Tim Janik wrote:
> the alternate signatures have been introduced to provide backwards
> compatibility regarding the callback interface, for old GtkMenuFactory code.
> whether GtkItemFactoryCallback1 or GtkItemFactoryCallback2 is used as final
> callback interface depends on whether you created the items with
> gtk_item_factory_create_items or gtk_item_factory_create_items_ac respectively.
> gtk_item_factory_create_items_ac and GtkItemFactoryCallback2 should
> probably be classified as /* deprecated */.
That explains it. :-)
Just an observation. Why not stick with the GtkItemFactoryCallback2
parameter order? It seems consistant with the rest of the library.
(widget pointer, callback data, extra stuff). [grep Callback *.h]

Thomas Helvey

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