Re: [gtk-list] Re: GdkWindow as GtkBin widget??

On Thu, 7 Jan 1999, Brian Brunswick wrote:

> I'm only a gtk novice, but what I've done is create a drawing area widget,
> and do my drawing inside its expose event, using gdk drawing functions
> on the underlying gdk window. (actually using a shared memory Image
> instead of a bitmap, but whatever) This seems to work fine, and button
> press events still get handled ok. Is there any problem with this, all
> you gurus out there?
Yes,  I proved the working of this method in a sample program in one
of my mails to this problem.  I don't see any reason why to use this
overhead if a simpler method *COULD* work if GTK wouldn't have a bug
*OR* somebody would tell me the reason, why my method is depreciated.

> What might become a problem is that most gtk widgets don't seem to properly
> consume events that they have handled, eg clicks and key presses, meaning
> that default actions attached to the top level window for these happen
> as well as the per widget binding. Given that I want to have single key
> shortcuts for a window that has text widgets in it, this needs fixing!
You can set an event mask for each widget.



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