Re: [gtk-list] GdkWindow as GtkBin widget??

In <URL:news:local.gtk> on Thu 07 Jan, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a new idea after giving up every hope to get my several questions
> answered according to the problem, that GtkWindows will be cleared
> after writing a pixmap created by GdkImlib into it.
> Writing pixmaps created by GdkImlib to GdkWindows works.  To handle
> Gtk Events I have to put this into a GtkWidget.  Is it possible to
> use GtkBin for this purpose or may be any other widget.

I'm only a gtk novice, but what I've done is create a drawing area widget,
and do my drawing inside its expose event, using gdk drawing functions
on the underlying gdk window. (actually using a shared memory Image
instead of a bitmap, but whatever) This seems to work fine, and button
press events still get handled ok. Is there any problem with this, all
you gurus out there?


What might become a problem is that most gtk widgets don't seem to properly
consume events that they have handled, eg clicks and key presses, meaning
that default actions attached to the top level window for these happen
as well as the per widget binding. Given that I want to have single key
shortcuts for a window that has text widgets in it, this needs fixing!

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