GdkWindow as GtkBin widget??


I have a new idea after giving up every hope to get my several questions
answered according to the problem, that GtkWindows will be cleared
after writing a pixmap created by GdkImlib into it.

Writing pixmaps created by GdkImlib to GdkWindows works.  To handle
Gtk Events I have to put this into a GtkWidget.  Is it possible to
use GtkBin for this purpose or may be any other widget.

How could this be done?
Do I have to derive my own widget for this purpose?

To say it once more:  I'm looking for a possibilty to write pixmaps
on the screen with the lowest overhead as possible having the feature
to handle GtkEvents.

Up to Gtk+1.1.3 the solution was a GtkWindow and writing the pixmap
into the GdkWindow window of this structure.  But since 1.1.5 after
writing the pixmap the window is cleared immediately.

For the GTK programmers:  It is definitely a problem of GTK and is
the case up to 1.1.11 (I hadn't any chance to check 1.1.12). 
I've stepped down the GTK sources of 1.1.9 and found that this
clearing is done in a call to XPending().  Unfortunately I forgot
to copy my debug file where I found the exact location in the
sources when the window is cleared.  I can ship this not before middle of

May be the new year -- to which I want to wish all in this list the best --
brings the answer to this old question.

Kind regards


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