Re: GdkWindow as GtkBin widget??

Andreas Tille <> writes:

> Up to Gtk+1.1.3 the solution was a GtkWindow and writing the pixmap
> into the GdkWindow window of this structure.  But since 1.1.5 after
> writing the pixmap the window is cleared immediately.
> For the GTK programmers:  It is definitely a problem of GTK and is
> the case up to 1.1.11 (I hadn't any chance to check 1.1.12). 
> I've stepped down the GTK sources of 1.1.9 and found that this
> clearing is done in a call to XPending().  Unfortunately I forgot
> to copy my debug file where I found the exact location in the
> sources when the window is cleared.  I can ship this not before middle of
> January :-(.  

There is some discussion of this in docs/Changes-1.2.txt, 
though the information there out of date.

Quick solution:

 gtk_widget_set_app_paintable (window, TRUE);

This tells GTK+ to leave the window alone and let you
paint it.


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