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On 01/06/99 Nicholas Ewing Seafort uttered the following other thing:
> On Wed, 6 Jan 1999, Daniel J . Wolf wrote:
> > Nicholas,
> >  
> > I had that same problem, and I fought way too long with it.  I went
> > searching and I found that glibconfig.h is the file that should define
> > the various GLIB_SYSDEF* stuff.  In my case it seemed that the glib
> > install (cvs as of 1/6 at 5:00 p.m) wasn't copying glibconfig.h into 
> > the appropriate include directory.  In my case this was
> > /usr/local/include/glibconfig.h.  The fix:  I simply copied the file
> > from the base directory of the glib source (/usr/local/glib) and I was
> > golden. I thought for a while that it was just me and my system.  But
> > perhaps someone should look into whether glib installs glibconfig.h
> > correctly. For reference I have never had a problem in the three
> > months i have been compiling gnome cvs. I deleted, got, compiled, and
> > installed glib several times. I dunno, i'll look into it.
> > 
> > dan wolf
> > 
> Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.
> You've just relieved me of 3 weeks worth of kicking and swearing at
> various things that refused to build.  This, I think counts as some kind
> of bug or makefile misconfiguration (uh...guys?  this would be a glib/gtk+
> thing...).   

You wouldn't happened to have installed glib in some other places than
normal, and then pointed at it?  I noticed that when compiling GTK+, if
you specify a directory for glib, it can't work.  It assumes that
--with-glib points to the source directory for glib, and so all of the
files it wants (glib-config, and the include files) are in that


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