Re: [gtk-list] Re: Compilation failure in glib-1.1.12 wrote:
> Richard Polton <> writes:
> > Machine: Linux-2.0.35 libc5 i486
>                         ^^^^^
> which version of libc5? I think poll() was added late
> in libc5's life. (5.4.28 according to the man page
> I have.)

I use

> > Compiler: egcs-1.0
> > glib-1.1.12 fails to compile in gmain.c. It is necessary to change
> > Success follows.
> Hmmm.
> HAVE_POLL and HAVE_SYS_POLL_H are different things.
> Your problem probably indicates that that one of
> the configure tests is failing, but I'm not sure
> from your description which one.

configure results:
   checking for sys/poll.h    ....   no
   checking for poll          ....   yes
   checking system definitions for POLLIN POLLOUT etc.   .... failed

(I deduce from the config.log that this failure is due to sys/poll.h not
being found.)

> Do you have poll(); is HAVE_POLL defined?
> Do you have /usr/include/sys/poll.h;  is HAVE_SYS_POLL_H defined?

poll is defined in my
I do not have sys/poll.h

config.h contents:
    #define HAVE_POLL 1
    /* #undef HAVE_SYS_POLL_H */

> Thanks,
>                                   Owen

Hope this is sufficient information, but please ask for more if

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NT? Yeah, I use it for virtual memory overflow and reboot testing.

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