Re: gtk thinking it's older than it is?

On Thu, Dec 31, 1998 at 08:40:34PM -0600, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> I'd say: don't bother deleting anything manually, just let the new install
> overwrite the last one; and be sure to run ldconfig after you install
> (though usually make install does this for you, I don't know why yours
> is going wrong).

Yes, make install apparently calls ldconfig (visible in make output),
but sometimes this seems not to be enough.  For example: I compile and
install updated glib, then I configure gtk+, which stops with an error.

The glib check fails because glib-config and the test program created
by configure don't report identical versions (glib-config reports newer
version than the test program).  After manually running ldconfig
everything goes on just fine.  This happens sporadically and not only
with glib.  I think I also had it happen with gtk+ and gnome-libs.

So probably there could be a bug in the autogenerated install code. 
Whatever, I don't know (and it doesn't hurt much anyway).

Andreas E. Bombe <>

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