gtk thinking it's older than it is?

hey there,

i've been browsing thru the archives of this list, and of the documentation i
could find on the development versions of gtk+glib. my problem is more of a
'it shouldn't do that', than a show stopper. glib compiles and installs fine.
gtk compiles and installs fine, too, as far as i can tell. i generally compile
all my applications again with a new version of gtk, so before i install gtk i
remove all the old libraries, having no need for them anymore. that is:


maybe there's more but those are the ones i know :)

anyway, when i compile a new application with my brand new gtk (current cvs
version atm, so 1.11 is a rough estimate), it compiles, and links.. fine. but
when i go to run it.. i get this:

$ pwd&&./testgtk

Gtk-ERROR **: cannot open shared object file: No such file or

as you can see, not even the example programs will run.

if i link the current versions back to 9, doing something along the lines of

ln -sf /usr/local/lib/ /usr/local/lib/

then everything appears to work fine.

but should i have to do that? and if not, what have i done wrong?

anything that could open my eyes to this would be great.

thank you,

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