Re: [gtk-list] gtk_spin_buttons and focus changes

>>>>> "Osku" == Osku Salerma <> writes:

Osku> Browsing through the source code the spinbutton's internal value
Osku> is only updated when the widget gets a focus_out event. Now
Osku> that's bad since it doesn't get a focus_out event if a user
Osku> types some text into the entry list and then clicks one of the
Osku> above buttons. Shouldn't the get_value functions check if the
Osku> text has been modified and if it has been, update the internal
Osku> value?

I brought this up quite a while ago too.  I guessed that it might have
something to do with the value not being reliable while the user is
editing the entry contents.  It might be a bit annoying if while in
the process of editing the value, it kept jumping forwards/back to
the min/max value of the spin adjustment.

Note that I never received any response, so it is still a guess.

- Dave

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