Re: [gtk-list] trying to install glib & gtk

If you have gnome rpm installed, and now installed glib on your own,
then you probably have several versions of glib on your system (This is
not impossible, but slightly more difficult).

As you state, you want to enhance your gnome: I would suggest, that you
get the new rpm versions of gnome (they will ask for new versions of
glib and gtk rpm)

Roland Bock

Paul Juster wrote:
> Please help,
> I'm new to this linux, but learning fast !
> I'm trying to install Gedit, I downloaded the file and tried to install
> but it askeds for Gtk, I downloaded and tried to install Gtk and it
> asked for glib !
>  I downloaded Glib-1.1.15 and ./configure, make & make install fine. I
> think.
>  I then tried to install Gtk-1.1.15 ./configure complained that either
> glib was not installed, or the path needs to be checked !
> My aim is to install, file manager, and zip program from
> I'm running redhat 5.2, kernel 2.0.36, I have gnome desktop installed
> and running, but am trying to enhance it more.
> I have extracted other programs no problem.
> Please help.
> Spike
> P.S. if i'm on the wrong list please direct me to the correct place many
> thanks
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