New gtk+-1.1.15 problems...

I was able to solve my previous problem of not being able to install gtk+.
(I did not have the XFree86 development package installed).  I now have it
installed, and the program that I installed it for (x11amp) works fine.
But now, none of the other programs that previously used gtk work.  At
first, they couldn't find the libraries, because they were referencing
them by different filenames (,,  I
fixed this problem by making links to the needed libraries.  Now, however,
when I try to run these programs, I get errors like the following:

~ # control-panel 
control-panel: error in loading shared libraries
: undefined symbol: gtk_object_check_cast

~ # gimp
gimp: error in loading shared libraries
: undefined symbol: gtk_accelerator_table_set_mod_mask

Any help in resolving this new problem would be greatly appreciated, as
there are a number of programs that use gtk that I'd like to be able to
use again.

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