Re: [gtk-list] Re: gtk+-1.1.15 installation problems.

> 1) Make uninstall works pretty well.

   Does it works even if you have removed the distribution
tree and just kept the makefile?

> 2) Learn how to use RPM. (Or dpkg). Even if you don't use

   Have been using it for years, yet not everything comes
in RPM, and notably with GTK and other stuff, some RPM's
are kind of old. At work none of the machines have RPM
(except my Linux box).

>    BTW, RPM figures out what files the package installs by
>    installing in a different prefix:

   Good tip, thanks.

  And... any idea when 1.2 will be released? hopefully I get
to visit GNome today, so far everytime I go I don't find
enough application developer's information to do anything
serious, unless I spend a lot of time hammering and trying
to figure out what should have been documented in the
first place =).


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