resize and imlib

I've made a program that uses imlib to draw images in a window. I load the
image, resize the window (with
gdk_window_resize(window->window,image->rgb_width, image->rgb_height)),
and then i do gdk_imlib_apply_image(image,window->window). What happens is
that imlib checks the window's height and width, and finds them to be what
they were *before* i resized, and then it scales the image to this size,
and draws it. Then, in the next configure_event or expose_event, the image
is drawn again, this time the correct size. This scaling is neither quick
nor very nice to look at. Any suggestions?

Ketil Froyn
The Heineken Uncertainty Principle:
        You can never be sure how many beers you had last night.

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