Re: [gtk-list] Re: Apprarently simple signal/event question

OK, your (and the 2 previous answers; thanks guys) 
confirmed what I thought I knew was right ... I guess I misread 
the original post somewhat ...

Thanks a lot
--> Robert

On Sun, 19 Dec 1999, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> RNG <> writes:
> > in memory, but what about calls like: 
> > 
> > 	strcpy (pos, string);
> > or
> > 	memcpy (new_mem, mem, byte_size);
> > 
> This is quite different from what we were talking about. In the
> wrong-callback case you are basically lying to the compiler about the
> function type; for example you take a function that does return a
> value, and you cast it to a function that does not, and then you call
> it.
> In the above case, the compiler knows full well the type of the
> function and can be expected to compile it properly.
> Havoc
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