Re: [gtk-list] Re: Apprarently simple signal/event question

Thanks for the reply, and to the stuff Pete Garner added. Apologies for the
gpointer * problems over and over, I was typing the message in something of
a hurry on a completely different machine from the one I normally use.

So, if I have this right, using

    gint signalblahblah( GtkWidget *, gpointer )

to handle the delete_event event works, as in compiles and runs, but it's
completely unwise to presume that the same would always be the case. What I
mean is that there is a chance with other events that using this type of
event handler would cause a problem in terms of memory corruption, a crash
etc etc ?

Also, what about what Peter Garner said - does GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC(  ), really
cast both the signal type callback and the event type callback to the same
thing ?

Thanks again for your help,


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